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Well I already had one slice of pizza, so now my diet is ruined and I’m going to eat whatever I want.

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Sound familiar?

Variations of this sentiment can be applied to almost every situation in life.

“I’ve already procrastinated studying for one hour, so the rest of the night is a throwaway.”

“The project isn’t moving fast enough, so I’m going to abandon it all together.”

Stop Seeing in Black and White

No, your diet is not ruined because you had one slice of pizza. Zoom out for a second and think about it this way. If you ate three meals a day for seven days a week that’s 21 meals, right? Now, say you ate pretty healthy the rest of the week. If you ate one…

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If you’re a twenty-something that has no idea what to do with your life or constantly feels like you’re running out of time, here are five books that’ll give you some guidance, motivation, or reassurance. Whatever it is you need, I hope you at least find some comfort in knowing that you’re not alone in navigating this crazy time we call our twenties.

Range by David Epstein

I am a huge fan of Adobe Creative Suite products and they’re great for all of my designing needs, but I realize that not everyone has the budget or the training for this bundle of applications. This article will touch on five of my favourite tools for beginner and advanced designers alike. The best part is, they’re all free and can be accessed online (no downloading necessary!). Not to mention, they’re all aesthetically stunning websites.

1. Coolors

I’m starting this list off with my favourite tool of the bunch, Coolors.

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Coolors is an automatic colour palette generator that creates beautiful colour combinations…

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